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    What If Your Were
    Falsely Accused of a Crime

Our Justice System Is Not Always Perfect

The American criminal justice system is an important part of our legal system, but that doesn’t mean it’s foolproof. Anyone can be accused of criminal acts despite the fact that they are completely innocent. When this happens, there are steps that people can take in order to properly handle the situation.

  • Fighting False Charges
    Freedom and justice is worth fighting for

    Having a qualified and experienced attorney on your defense team can help reduce the charges for first time offenders or even argue to get the charges dismissed by a judge. When defendants don’t have enough money to hire a good attorney, they will be assigned a public defender by the court. Public defenders tend to be overloaded with cases and will want the defendant to settle for a plea bargain.

  • The Investigation
    The defense should also investigate

    During a police investigation, it is important to consider that all avenues will be explored, so those who are falsely accused should do the same. Saving all paperwork and electronic records should be first priority, as they may contain evidence. Identifying possible witnesses, confirming alibis, and consulting experts are all important parts of the investigation that could help defendants prove their innocence.

  • During the Trial
    Silence can be the key to winning

    There is always the possibility of a case going to trial. During this time, the accused should always be careful about media coverage. The accused should also avoid mentioning anything to friends and family, or using social media, as anything said can be used against them if discovered by the prosecutor. If the accused does choose to talk to the media, they should do so only with a criminal defense lawyer present.

Fight To Clear Your Name

There is always a chance that people can be falsely accused of a crime by a neighbor, coworker, former friend, or their significant other, but that does not mean they should have to suffer because of this. The criminal justice system is not something to take for granted. With dedication, determination, and an aggressive legal team, anyone who is falsely accused can work to clear their name and return to their normal everyday lives.

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